Anna Reidister

  1. a Halloween decoration
  2. low, benevolent chanting on a clear, moonless night 
  3. a gaunt, spectral troubadour which haunts the greater Boston area
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By Sword We Seek Peace

Digital objects, 2019

The current state seal for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was adopted in 1780, depicting a Native American with a bow and arrow pointing down (signifying peace), a five pointed star, an Englishman’s arm brandishing a sword above the man’s head, and a blue ribbon bearing a Latin motto which loosely translates to “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.” This new seal brings that white supremacist imagery to the forefront. 

Witch Flower

Witch Flower is an experimental maximalist punk band. In April of 2021 they decided to record a live EP in one day all by themselves in a dingy basement. And so they did. 

Cat, 2021 

“Cat” is an experimental pop song about a cat with an absent father. The accompanying music video matches the childlike qualities of the song, from the image quality to the imagery itself.

Video stills

cat [they/them]
Soft sculpture with scrap fabric, ceramic, and party hat.

Music video
Video duration: 3:10

3D model

Queen-sized Feast, 2020

Queen-sized Feast is a collection of poems exploring the gluttony and desire.

Front cover illustration
Digital drawing
 Alternate front covers
Digital drawings

Link to full pdf


&, 2020

“&” is a collection of prose, poetry and flash fiction exploring dichotomies: right/wrong, fact/fantasy, nature/civilization. Brutal honesty drags these works by the scruff of its neck into the land of the living. Each poem stems from an obsession--with a thought, emotion, circumstance—which demands to be let out in the yard, sniff around, relieve itself. Like an untrained mutt, this collection tugs on its leash, shits where it wants to, perhaps even bites back.

Front cover illustration
Graphite pencil drawing

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